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Developing a morning routine to optimize your day as a producer

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Written by: Matt Lillywhite

Developing a strong morning routine to set yourself up for the rest of the day is something that many people within the entertainment industry take extremely seriously. Of course, some days you will be more focused on your productions than others. However, by setting up a regular routine for yourself, it allows you to be in a daily mental state that constantly reminds you about your goals, achievements, and ambitions as a music producer within EDM. During this article, we’re going to discuss how you can create an effective morning routine so you can go out and achieve your dreams.

Firstly, you need to wake up at a time that suits you. For some people, this is within the region of 5 am before the sun rises. For others, its 10 am after a long night of non-stop hustle and grind. Whatever your ideal wake up time is, become self-aware enough that you understand your own body, and thus are able to adapt your sleep schedule to something that is naturally comfortable. For example, If you are most productive at the hours of 1-5am, it’s probably a bad idea to wake up at 6 am due to the extreme lack of sleep. Despite the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” becoming extremely popular, it is not necessarily true. If your morning routine is naturally scheduled to wake up at 11 am to begin the day, then so be it. Plus with the entire music industry based all around the world, adapting your needs for just one timezone is probably a bad idea. For example, if you stay up late in New York, you can do more business with people in Los Angeles – as you have more working hours to discuss strategy etc with them due to the time difference. Ultimately, don’t force your body to wake up hours before it is ready; that’s a recipe for disaster.

Next, it’s a good idea to get rid of any important decision-making tasks within the first few hours of waking up. This is so that by the time you are ready to begin the day, you don’t have to fuss over what your schedule will be, or what meetings you have to attend. By planning everything the night before, it eliminates the stress of making decisions early in the morning – thus leading to a more peaceful and relaxed day. A method used by many entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry is to write down 3 things that you would like to achieve during the following day. It may be something small like finishing a melody or chord progression for a new song. Or alternatively, it could be closing 6-7 figure deals that will drastically impact your financial life. Whatever your goals are, realize them and create actionable steps that you can take in order to get closer towards them every day.

One of the most important ways to start the day is to create a routine that focuses your mind on what’s important. For some people, it’s meditation. For others, it’s simply showing a sign of gratitude for what they have in life. No matter what your routine entails, this allows you to have a purpose in your work that ultimately motivates you to constantly work hard and fulfil your ambitions. For example, you could say to yourself that the music you release will allow people to have a sense of happiness and enjoyment when they listen to it: a sense of fulfilment. In order to impact as many people as possible, you want to work hard so that you can release a lot of music. Basically, by creating a morning routine that works efficiently for you, it will allow you to become hyper-focused on your ambitions and goals within life.

Health is undeniably an important factor in life when it comes to feeling good about yourself, and your ambitions. Whether it’s mental health, or even your physical shape, having knowledge and understanding of your body is extremely important so that you are able to set realistic health goals. For example, if you are eating pizza and fried chicken every single day of the week, it’s fairly unlikely (but not impossible) that you’ll be able to run a marathon. Instead of sitting down at your desk working on music production all day, It’s certainly important to keep healthy so that you can concentrate on your goals. Some great recommendations include creating a mini daily workout (such as press ups and crunches) in order to keep your blood flowing, going for a regular morning run, taking a walk around your neighbourhood, amongst many other options. Simply find what works for you, and adapt your schedule to ensure that you are taking note of your health so that you can focus properly on your dreams.

Finally, understanding and maintaining a positive mindset is absolutely crucial to staying successful. Many people love to procrastinate and leave the big tasks until the day – as it allows them to get quick and easy things done during the morning. However, this practice tends to be inefficient when it comes to productivity as you’ll constantly be putting off the big tasks until they absolutely need to be completed. By doing all of your lengthy tasks during the morning/start of the day, it allows you to have a strong and empowering feeling of accomplishment which will set you up for the rest of the day.

Mornings do not have to be the worst part of your day. In fact, they can easily become what you look forward to the most. By creating a regular routine, it will boost productivity, and ultimately lead you to unlock your full potential as a music producer.



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