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How to choose the right image for Spotify

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

Selecting an image for your Spotify profile may seem like an easy decision, but plenty of artists upload an image not suited to their profile, and in doing so, they don’t portray themselves as well as they could. Being represented well on Spotify is vital, as the platform still dominates the music streaming industry, and has a huge amount of influence over the music industry as a whole. Representing yourself well on Spotify should be a priority as part of your online strategy, and choosing an effective picture to represent your brand is an integral aspect of that. Your profile photo represents you as an artist, and gives your profile visitors a quick snapshot of who you are, so it is vital to make sure that it really does show you in the best light. Even high-profile artists don’t always have a fitting profile photo to represent their brand, so it is important to stand out as somebody who cares about their portrayal online. We’ve taken a closer look at how to pick the right profile photo for your brand.


Your artist photo should very clearly represent your personality and should put across your style to browsing visitors. The image must also coordinate with your current branding, connecting it visually with all of your other online content. You should be clearly represented by your image, as most profile visitors will only take a quick glance at it, and those seconds can define the judgment visitors will make about you.

Vibrant imagery

Uploading a vibrant and enticing photo is also hugely important, your profile should appear lively and fun, and using bright imagery will help to portray this. Due to Spotify’s dark backdrop, darker photos quickly fade away and do not draw attention, whereas brighter, more vibrant images draw profile clicks. Using brighter happier looking imagery will entice profile viewers into seeing your music as more uplifting and enjoyable, and make you appear a happy and positive artist.


Always be careful of various cropping that can take place depending on which platform your profile is being viewed. Your profile image will be cropped differently depending on whether viewed on a mobile or desktop device, it is vital to remain aware of this and ensure that you are in the centre of the photo regardless of device. Without ensuring that you are positioned correctly in the photo, your whole profile can instantly appear unprofessional and rushed, giving visitors a bad first impression.

Image quality

Ensure that your chosen image is a high-resolution photo, and that it does not appear blurred on any device. Any kind of blurring or distortion on your artist photo can quickly make your whole profile appear messy and unprofessional, and can damage your reputation in the eyes of potential fans. Reputation damage in this way should be avoided at all costs, as choosing the right image is such an easy fix.


Lastly, make sure that your profile picture is taken by a professional photographer – a selfie isn’t going to cut it! Without a professional photo, your profile will have a mediocre feel, and won’t inspire visitors into believing that you are going to succeed. It is vital for people visiting your profile to buy into your brand and have belief in your persona in order to generate the best response.

Your artist profile image should be the gateway to your persona, representing you as an individual, and attracting more profile clicks in order to connect with potential fans. Following the above steps ensures that the image works in your favor, and boosts your persona rather than damaging it. An image may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, but any lost profile visits could be losing you streams, and therefore losing you revenue.



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