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How you can benefit from Spotify promotion

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

Industry leader Spotify is, without doubt, one of the most powerful influencers in the music industry as a whole. With over 157 million active users, the platform has experienced exponential growth since it was launched only 9 years ago. Due to this influence, it is vitally important for artists to allocate a great deal of time and attention into managing their Spotify presence. While Spotify has not always had a positive relationship with its artists, the platform does a great deal to advertise new releases, which is invaluable, particularly to less established producers. The foundation of benefiting from this advertising is gaining a large amount of followers, as Spotify mostly advertises your work to those who already follow you. For this reason, it is important to embed Spotify follow buttons onto your website, and encourage followers on all other platforms to connect with you on Spotify. Once you have gained followers, Spotify does the rest of the work. Here are some of the methods they use to advertise new releases.

Release radar

The release radar is a feature accessible to all users, and includes releases from artists that users either follow or listen to on a regular basis. The feature is hugely popular, and is the quickest and easiest way for users to find new music based on their preferences. Being featured on this playlist for a high number of users is hugely valuable, as it ensures that the people who like your music will instantly be notified of your new releases, charting streams and spreading the word.

Homepage adverts

Spotify also advertises new singles and albums on its home tab in the app. This is catered to each individual user, meaning that those who enjoy your music on a regular basis will instantly be drawn to your latest tracks. Being centre stage on such a huge platform has the potential to drastically increase early streams of your releases, and ensures that those who are likely to show the most support, are able to instantly get involved. The releases featured on the homepage are showcased once a week on Fridays, a narrow window but a highly beneficial feature of the site.

Email campaigns

Using more traditional forms of marketing, Spotify also runs email campaigns on a weekly basis. These campaigns target those who follow your artist profile, and direct them straight to your new music. The value of driving clicks to your new releases is endless, as people who stream the track once may return an unlimited amount of times. Making that first connection with your listeners is vital, as it ensures that your biggest supporters are aware of your newest tracks.

The majority of Spotify’s advertising incentives rely on your ability to build a following on your profile, making it hugely important to publicise your Spotify account and attract as many visitors as possible. Always share your streaming links when releasing a new track, and suggest that users follow your profile to keep up to date on your latest releases. Your success on Spotify relies hugely on your dedication to spreading the word across all of your social platforms. Make it your priority to build a large following on Spotify in order to make sure all of your new releases reach their full potential and properly utilise the in-built advertising that Spotify provides free of charge. This kind of advertising would usually come at a fee, so don’t forget to make the most of the opportunity to let the platform take charge and push your releases for you. Building a large following will benefit you years into the future, as Spotify shows no signs of slowing in popularity, so don’t hesitate, start marketing your account to gain as many followers as you can.



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