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Why you should keep updating your website

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

Having your own website is a key aspect of promoting your brand as an artist, offering endless opportunities for reach. Putting together an exciting website that reflects your image is a fulfilling process, but it is all too common for websites to become neglected after being unveiled. A common misconception among artists is that once a website is finished, it’s finished. This couldn’t be more false, as websites need to be constantly updated to remain relevant. This doesn’t necessarily involve a complete rebrand or rebuild, it could be as simple as adding another section or editing the text on your front page. You should aim to encourage people to revisit your site often, and a website that never changes won’t encourage fans to keep visiting it. We’ve taken a look at some of the many reasons your website should be consistently updated.

Keeping up with trends

Consistently updating your website enables you to keep up with trends. Music, fonts, colors and styles are consistently going in and out of fashion, it is important to keep up with these trends in order to avoid your website looking out of date and neglected. As an artist, you wouldn’t neglect your appearance when performing on stage and it is important to apply this same principle to your website, which is a stage in a completely different sense. Your site is your online version of the mainstage, and visitors are your crowd. Don’t let your crowd leave disappointed due to out of date visuals and poor design.

Promotes a positive image

Keeping your website up to date promotes the image that you are on the ball as an artist, and are always developing exciting new content. The worst thing you can do for your image is neglect your site and let fans establish the opinion that you are lazy and don’t care about your website. It should be clear that you are always striving to improve your content and always working on something new, even if you are only making minor adaptations. Visitors’ opinions of you matter a great deal, so make sure to leave a positive lasting impression.

Increase in visitors

Every time you make a more major adaptation to your website, fans will flock to see your new content. People are curious, driving visitors to your website is all about peaking their curiosity and hinting that exciting adaptations are being made. Soon you will see a huge influx of visitors. Change always works in increasing interest, make sure to utilize this to your advantage and keep offering new content in order to attract visitors to your site.

Keep your website in line with your own development

As an artist, you will consistently develop throughout your career, through your appearance, your music, and your branding. It is inevitable, even if you don’t intend to change, you will gradually develop over time creatively due to external influences and the passing of time. Your artistic development will likely lead to your website no longer reflecting your core values after a period of time. Your site should be a mirror of who you are, so it is vital not to let this continuity be lost. Don’t let your website lag behind while your creativity storms ahead. If your tracks have shifted to the heavier side of the spectrum, your site should reflect this in some way. Without your site reflecting who you are, fans will become confused about your brand, which can be highly damaging to your image.

Consistently keeping your website updated, whether you make the changes yourself or hire somebody else, is a vital aspect of remaining relevant as an artist. In order to retain a positive reputation, it is imperative to make sure that your site is consistently shifting to match changes in trends and your persona as an artist. Don’t let it be left behind while the rest of your persona flourishes. Maintaining your website can only have a positive impact on your brand, keep making changes and you will soon reap the rewards.



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