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SOMNIA is a multifaceted project dedicated to empowering Latino DJ-producers through education, promotion, and effective monetization strategies. We offer a comprehensive platform that covers everything from music creation to global distribution, marketing, and performance. Our Protege program is designed to instill a business mindset in artists, teaching them to forge direct-to-fan connections and discover innovative income avenues. Through our label and radio show, we provide artists with significant exposure and the opportunity to have their music heard by a global audience. At SOMNIA, our mission is to elevate Latino talent, transforming their musical passion into successful careers.

Jan-Luc Blakborn, the dynamic founder of SOMNIA, is a former DJ and experienced business executive with a deep passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Hailing from the Netherlands, a country renowned for its contribution to the global EDM scene, Jan-Luc's love for music has only grown over the years. His life has been a vibrant journey, living and traveling across the Americas, immersing himself in the diverse cultures and music scenes. A firm believer in hard work and dedication, Jan-Luc effortlessly balances the business world and club life. With SOMNIA, he seeks to unite his love for music, his business acumen, and his dedication to nurturing talent, fueling the rise of the next generation of Latino DJ-producers.

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