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Artist merchandise into fashion – Tyler The Creator/Golf Wang

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Written by: Matt Lillywhite

Fashion is undoubtedly a key part of today’s society. With the likes of Kanye, Pharrell, and many more releasing their own clothing line, it was just a matter of time before Tyler The Creator created his “Golf Wang” product range. Encompassing everything that we love about the fashion industry, he is giving fans the opportunity to express their musical taste via clothing. In this article, we’re going to discuss the story behind the brand, the marketing campaign, and much more.

The overall concept

Designed by Tyler himself, Golf Wang embodies his music in a different medium: fashion. Having collaborated with the likes of Vans, the brand releases clothing twice a year. This period is known commonly as a “drop”. During 2017, Tyler teamed up with the popular “Converse” shoe brand to design a special pair of sneakers called “one stars” to help promote his “flower boy” album. Allowing a cross-promotion between fashion and music, the creativity of this campaign helped catapult the song into the Top 10 charts of multiple territories.

Expansion of the store

During October 2017, Tyler The Creator announced via social media that he would be opening a flagship store for Golf Wang in Los Angeles, California. The store’s selection of fashion includes the newest fashion from recent drops, as well as items from previous drops. This included tees, puffy jackets, long sleeve tees, snapbacks, bags, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, and more.

The appeal of Golf Wang

Despite having loads of provocative lyrics within his music, it’s pretty easy to agree that Tyler The Creator is one of the best-dressed hip-hop artists currently in the music industry. And so with his music knowing (almost) no boundaries, that ethic was translated into his clothing brand. Therefore, Golf Wang was not just a typical clothing brand. Instead, it was an embodiment of being different, and standing out from the crowd. With Tyler often exclusively wearing Golf Wang clothing when in public, it simply creates a higher amount of anticipation for each new drop.


Even after successfully releasing new music alongside the likes of ASAP Rocky & Frank Ocean, his pricing structure continues to make regular headlines throughout culture publications. His Converse collaborations are priced at a modest $100, and hoodies regularly approach an affordable $80. By pricing his product range at a point in which the majority of people can afford, he is allowing people to stand out and express themselves with Golf Wang. This an extremely stark contrast to Kanye West who’s Yeezy’s often sell for upwards of $1,000.


Tyler’s marketing genius knows absolutely zero limits. By wearing the Golf Wang brand in music videos and photo shoots etc, he is constantly self-promoting his own clothing line whilst going about his daily business. Throughout Instagram, and other social media platforms, people are taking photos of themselves wearing Golf Wang, and tagging the brand. This collection of unofficial brand ambassadors have allowed Golf Wang to become present in pretty much major American city that you could possibly think of.

Although Golf Wang is obviously a great source of income for Tyler, the clothing line in itself has allowed his music brand to be catapulted into the top tiers of culture – with millions of people talking about the innovation from this talented hip-hop artist.



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