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Being visible around the clock on Twitter

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

Maintaining a consistent presence on Twitter is a hugely important aspect of being an artist. The site has a huge reach, giving great potential to promotional material posted. Posts are quickly able to spread around the globe through retweets and likes, making the potential for viral posts endless. Twitter has gone through a huge amount of change since its launch in 2006, but with usage ever increasing, the potential of the platform continues to expand. In order to utilize the platform, it is vital to post regularly, and to stay visible around the clock. We’ve taken a look at the many aspects involved in maintaining a visible presence on Twitter.

Scheduling tools

One of the best ways to establish an around the clock presence on Twitter is to use a tweet scheduler. There are plenty of options on the market, including Hootsuite and Buffer, which allow you to schedule tweets ahead of time, at a specific time of your choosing. As an artist you will undoubtedly have a worldwide following across multiple countries, including fans who may not be on your time zone, making it vital to schedule content to appear on their timelines when they are online. Another positive aspect of using a scheduling tool is being able to maintain a constant flow of content throughout the day, keeping your account active even when you may be working on other projects.

Choosing your moment

When scheduling, it is important to consider exactly which times will be the most fruitful for your brand in order to make sure that your best content reaches its full potential. You may want to target the nationality that makes up the majority of your following, or you may want to target another nationality in order to try and draw more followers from that location. All data around which countries follow your account in the biggest numbers can be found in your analytics section. Whichever method you are planning to use, it is important to take the time to properly plan your posting times. Once you have started to schedule, you can take a look at your Twitter analytics in order to see which tweets saw the biggest reach, and you can adapt your schedule accordingly.

Paid advertising

What can help you stay visible 24/7 is the use of paid advertising on Twitter. There is a huge array of options available for advertising on the platform, so it is important to dedicate time to research which option is the best for you. Twitter offers the option to promote individual tweets, or to pay a monthly fee and have your tweets promoted automatically. It is vital to consider your budget and how much time you can commit to advertising in order to select which option is best for you. In order to get the most out of your promotion, you should promote your tweets and target the promotion towards the country that is currently online (dependent on time zone) in order to see the best results.

Quality content

The last aspect of remaining visible on Twitter is the importance of posting consistent high-quality content to ensure that your organic reach will be at its full potential. The more shareable your posts are, the more organic reach you will attain, providing endless benefits for expanding your profile. The more people share your content, the further your brand will spread and the more potential fans you will reach as a result. Providing content that provokes a huge response and is shared around the world without the need for paid advertising is, of course, a huge benefit due to the cost-saving implications.

Following all of the above steps ensures that you can remain visible on Twitter around the clock, and reach your full potential on the platform. Remaining visible is a hugely important aspect of your social media strategy, as it is one of the quickest methods to expand your following and in turn, your fanbase. As soon as you begin to dedicate time and planning to your Twitter strategy, you will quickly see results, and your following will expand as a result. As with all social media platforms, perseverance is key, and it is vital to continue to post plenty of quality content in order to achieve the best results. Succeeding on Twitter has the power to really open doors for you as an artist, and can connect you with vital industry contacts, which is why your Twitter must be the best representation of you as an artist and should showcase just how strong your support really is.



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