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Fluence: Connect with Influencers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Disha Gandhi

As an emerging independent artist, it’s important to search for new strategies to get your music heard. Along with maximizing your reach within new audiences, it’s also key to get your content in front of the right eyes. By the right eyes, we mean industry leaders such as celebrities, bloggers, supervisors, promoters, agents, and more. In the industry people could be well known influencers who get loads of new music on a daily basis, so how can you get them to listen to your music and stand out from the crowd? Fluence is a service created to help and connect rising artists with the most impactful influencers.

Start with Fluence

Fluence aims to connect artists, which they refer to as “promoters”, with influencers, also known as “curators”, the people that you’re trying to get your content in front of. Once you’ve signed up, you can pick your designated genre and then browse influencers including promoters, writers, and more people within that genre. Selecting an ideal influencer is important. You need to be able to recognize if your content will fit the vibe of their platform. Let’s say your music is more dance related, try to go for a blog that specializes in EDM rather than one that focuses on pop. To make the process of selecting an ideal curator easier, every curator has a list of interests and their areas of expertise on their profile.

Curator’s feedback

Once you’ve selected the influencer and have submitted your track or music video, it is then delivered to the curator and they get to check it out and leave feedback. The feedback you receive, depending on the curator, can be anything from an immediate reaction statement to constructive criticism. Of course, the curators are there to give you well-put feedback, but when you do get a response, you can rate their response based on how useful it was to you. Rating their feedback allows them to better their response for the next artist or for the next time you send a track in. In addition to getting feedback, you can easily check promotion results, reach out for collaborations, and build a relationship with significant industry members.

Platform importance

Fluence’s co-founder, Shamal Ranasinghe, emphasizes that artists deserve better and they need to be given a platform to excel at their craft. Keeping the goal to fuse artists and influencers, the founders of Fluence decided to maintain a reasonable pricing system. Fluence follows a system where they allow the curators to customize their price, however, the pricing works per minute. With this feature, artists have to pay a reasonable fee that the curator has set. For as long as the curator listens to or watches your “audition” on the platform, their technology tracks it down and charges you accordingly. With Fluence, artists are able to pick and choose their desired influencer based on the price they charge too. Artists pay the rate that the curator has set up, as well as Fluence’s 20% cut. If a curator charges let’s say $1.00 a minute, then all together, you as the artist would pay $1.20 per minute. The most curators tend to charge on the platform is no more than $3 a minute.

Convenience for all

It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world, you could be thousands of miles away from major music influenced cities, but your content will get delivered to them regardless. Whether you’re in New York or London, once you hit submit, you can look forward to a response from some of the most powerful influencers in the industry. Fluence has even helped startup companies release their product videos by getting the videos before important eyes. Fluence has been used to attract a larger crowd to shows in their city. One band manager by the name of Jay Frank used Fluence while he was on tour with his brand to attract some important people to their shows around the country. He mentioned that it was affordable and a great way to network with people in the industry.

Fluence has become a platform that has led artists to build strong bridges with influencers in their respected industries. Now, instead of sending emails and waiting for a response, you can get guaranteed feedback and even connect with more people in the industry. All for a reasonable cost, Fluence manages to bring your content in front of the right eyes and gives you a beneficial platform to work on.



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