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How do artists prepare for Amsterdam Dance Event?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Written by: Matt Lillywhite

With ADE just a few weeks away, many people planning their trip are often unsure of what to do, where to go, or even how to navigate the streets of Amsterdam. According to Wikipedia: “The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a five-day electronic music conference and festival held annually in mid-October. The event is organized by The Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation and offers a full program of daytime conferences alongside the nighttime ADE Festival which features 450 events and 2,200 artists over five days in 115 clubs and venues. The shows attract over 350,000 people from all over the world”. With the opportunity to progress your career immensely, we’ve taken the stress out of planning your trip so you can solely focus on the music. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can prepare for Amsterdam Dance Event, the best accommodation types, and how to get around the city efficiently.

With dozens of venues all around the Dutch city, many people are often intimidated by the sheer scale of Amsterdam Dance Event. After all, with conference after conference, meeting after meetings, things can get extremely hectic. One of the most efficient ways to get around is undoubtedly by bike. Known for its cycling network, Amsterdam certainly makes use of green transportation methods such as cycling & walking. If you didn’t bring a bike with you, no problem! Many companies throughout the entire city offer daily/weekly rental service so you are able to get from one place to another with ease. This is certainly much easier than constantly taking public transport and figuring out tram timetables etc whilst in the city.

Alternatively, there is the option of using Uber to get around Amsterdam whilst at ADE. Extremely well priced (most of the time), Uber can be a cheap way of getting from one venue to another. If you are with a group of 3-4 other people, It can be even cheaper than taking a tram, or another form of transport. But of course, you should constantly watch out for surge pricing in which fares are regularly 2x more than the usual price. This phenomenon occurs most often during the end of a popular event due to the extremely high demand.

Apart from transport, clothing seems to be a regularly talked about subject amongst people preparing for ADE. Generally, it is advisable to wear sensible shoes and clothing due to the cobblestone streets and the unpredictability of the Dutch weather. After all, the weather can change many times throughout the course of a day. Opting for lighter clothing (with a foldaway jacket in a backpack) is a lot of people’s preferred clothing of choice when attending ADE.

Also, trying to maintain a fairly healthy diet is essential whilst at Amsterdam Dance Event. Although it may seem like common sense to some, many forget to eat for hours on end due to getting caught up at parties etc. Most venues throughout the city will sell sandwiches and other light snacks at a reasonable price in order to stop you from getting too hungry. Alternatively, you can pick up some salads and orange juice for under 10 euros at the Albert Heijn grocery store.

Next, accommodation is obviously an essential part of the Amsterdam experience whilst attending ADE. If you are not too concerned about the budget, the W Hotel is a great choice. Offering free wifi, espresso machines, a swimming pool, and so much more, it’s absolutely perfect for relaxing after a long day attending conferences & events throughout the city. In contrast, the more budget conscious traveler may decide to opt for a hostel or Airbnb. Typically located in the suburbs of the city, AirBnB’s are basically somebody’s home/bedroom that you rent out for a period of time. For around 10-30 euros a night, you can find a hostel located in Amsterdam City Centre. Often in a dormitory-style layout, they are by far one of the best ways for meeting like-minded travelers wanting to explore the city.

Of course, there is a lot happening throughout the city throughout ADE. There is absolutely no way that you’ll be able to see every single talk & event. Therefore, planning your schedule ahead of time can make it easier for navigating the week to ensure its as seamless as possible. Before ADE starts, check out the timetable to see where you would like to go, and make a note of the locations for each venue. After all, you will need to allow some travel time getting from one venue to another in Amsterdam.

Throughout the vast network of venues throughout Amsterdam, the venues selected for ADE are absolutely incredible in terms of amenities. One of the most popular is undoubtedly the spacious lockers located pretty much everywhere. Whether you want to leave a laptop, jacket, backpack, or anything else, the lockers at ADE are certainly very accessible. Plus they even come with a key so you’re able to go off and enjoy the events without the hassle of your stuff weighing you down.

Another favorite is the selection of beverages on offer throughout the event. The majority tend to offer a wide range of food to accommodate everyone from around the world. As you’re often in venues for hours at a time, it certainly makes sense to have a relatively healthy diet during the period you’re there. In the past, Bananas, watermelon, brownies, pasta, sandwiches and much more have been on offer. Whilst dancing and meeting new people throughout the event, it’s easy to get tired and forget to eat properly. The easy access to snacks & refreshments across the city is always a welcome sight for anybody attending ADE. So there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy for the 2018 event!

Finally, it’s worth mentioning some general social rules that you should adhere to throughout the entire ADE event. Amsterdam is world renowned for its party scene and club culture. As a result, the majority of people respect each other. eg. Men do not follow women around the club in a creepy fashion. Instead, everyone seems to treat each other as equals (the majority of the time) instead of being immature etc. Unlike cities such as London & New York, people are also not on their phones much during the events texting friends, scrolling through Instagram or on the phone. After all, they want to enjoy the truly amazing music that Amsterdam has to offer throughout the week.

Amsterdam is certainly a truly spectacular city to visit if you have never been before. Or if you have been multiple times, it’s amazing to visit again & again. In close proximity to France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium, it is definitely worth taking a trip to explore a bit more of Europe if time allows! No matter what events you attend, where you go or where you stay, you are undoubtedly guaranteed to have an amazing time whilst at Amsterdam Dance Event.



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