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How far will $100 take you with your own marketing?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Disha Gandhi

Managing a steady budget for marketing while juggling other expenses can get difficult at times, but now with an endless source of platforms available, you can work out a way to market for under $100. It’s key to promote your work to maximize your reach. Promotion requires patience in seeing results and also a decent budget to ensure consistency. Marketing may seem like a tough task at first with finding the most efficient methods, however, once you get the hang of it you will be able to determine where you need to invest in promoting the most. It can get a tad difficult managing your budget in the midst of different promotion strategies, but it is possible to ease your costs. Let’s break down how we can break your $100 into effective marketing strategies.

Facebook ads

Working with $100, you can do a lot more things than you previously thought about. Work to split your costs up onto different social media platforms and more to encourage a growing audience. Let’s start breaking down the $100 bill with Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising can cost you $25-$50, which is a relatively bigger part of your $100 budget for the month. However, Facebook still remains an important facet of media to market through. With the current algorithm that Facebook uses, a lot of the posts that you publish may not even reach the eyes of your audience. So let’s say you have a couple hundred or even thousand fans, a huge chunk of them may not even see your content which then leads brands to run to their marketing options. With even a low amount of $5-$10 as the advertising cost, you can reach significantly more people on Facebook. With marketing on Facebook on a budget, you can add in anywhere from $3-10 a day and easily get a hike in your engagements and reach. Promote a post, a SoundCloud link, a music video, almost anything to see a spike in your audience. Let’s say you add in $5 a day for 5 days to promote one of your creations, you have the potential of reaching a minimum of 1,000 to 2,600 people a day. A small amount towards Facebook promotions can have new fans lined up and ready for more content from you.

Follow the ads

With so many posts available on the internet, it can get strenuous to ensure your post is seen through the digital woods. Google and Youtube have worked towards creating programs to benefit brands through getting them seen, and have offered programs such as Google Adwords and Youtube’s TrueView. Google Adwords has gained much popularity throughout the years while challenging Youtube’s TrueView feature to progress as well, especially with videos. While Google AdWords creates sponsored ads to direct people to your content, TrueView works to lead people to your videos, channel, or website. You can spend another $5 to $10 for 5 days here to see results that will start to propel your creations. They use a PPC, pay per click system where you will only get charged when people click on your ad. You are also allowed to place a cap on the amount you’ve set to spend to keep your budget more in order. With investing just $5 a day, you can rack up around 1,000 impressions a day.

Visually pleased

Spending around $25 on both Facebook and TrueView or Adwords leads you to spend $50 with a remaining amount of $25-$50. Use the remaining amount towards vibrant graphics unique to your content maybe for an upcoming show, project, for your social media, and more. You can even think about getting help with improving your artist bio, press kit, and more. It’s important to keep your profiles and information on you clear and distinct while marketing to drive more people in. Make sure that everything is clearly stated, looks unique, and is welcoming. Not only will it help you welcome a new audience, but it will also help industry connections reach out to you.

Your $100 budget is finished covering the many different aspects of marketing and your content. As you get more familiar with marketing your content, you’ll be able to figure out which services deserve more of your money and will be able to keep pushing to new groups of people. Start by following the strategies above and with a low amount and you’ll be surprised to see yourself grow more daily as you find your marketing flow.



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