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How landing pages can increase numbers with your next release

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Disha Gandhi

A landing page can easily shift the number of people you redirect when they come to your website. People don’t like to wait and search around a website for something. They prefer more convenient strategies that include just a click of a button. We don’t pay much attention to it, but when we take notice of even our own ways, we get frustrated on inconvenient websites. Landing pages may seem like a small matter, but the change it can bring in numbers can shock you.

Redirect landing

Your website is an essential part of your brand as it will be a home to your audience in matters related to you. There you will be able to market your videos, music, pictures, thoughts, and more. Your homepage is the standout page which people will see no matter what. From there, people can, of course, navigate through your website to explore and find what they’re looking for, but what if there was a way to take them to a more important page? Let’s say you just released new content or just need to bring attention to a page, you can create a landing page. Rather than having your audience scavenger through the site and get frustrated, a landing page can help ease them while maximizing your views. Landing pages serve as bridges from the home page to a more important page. Check out a short video on landing page benefits here.

Landing the right release

Releasing on various platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more is very important in order to reach an audience and expand on each platform. With a variety of links at hand, how can you combine them to one page for the sake of convenience? You can create a landing page even for this! A feature called Pivot by smartURL creates the ideal landing page to satisfy your audience no matter which platform they use. Pivot also allows you to display a mini player next to the platforms. Pivot gives you data from the page on the number of clicks per platform and overall downloads. The Performance Stats page allows you to observe hourly stats on how, who, and when people are engaging with the landing page. You can access where in the world your audience is located, look up a specific time frame, which social media site is most beneficial, and more. Check out this video to guide you through the basics and benefits of smartURL. Convenience for your audience can’t hurt, try it out and create your own smartURL, here.

Working with data

As time passes and more is published, you’ll, of course, be changing your landing pages constantly, but you’ll also be gathering data. Data from the different landing pages will show you what resonated with your audience, what needs improvement, more information on your audience, and more. You’ll be able to customize your landing pages and switch up the colours, tones, alternate between videos, pictures, and more. You can even attach a short form on the landing page to gain more knowledge on your audience and expand your database. Growing your email list by using the forms can help to push marketing of new content, merchandise, and more you grow as a brand. With more people who will visit your content, landing pages help to increase conversion by getting visitors to buy content.

Often overlooked, landing pages can be significant in increasing numbers with your next release. With efficient programs such as smartURL, redirecting your audience to satisfy their platform need has never been easier. Landing pages will help you see benefits with increased interaction, expanding your database, distributing music, analyzing data, and more. Following this information on landing pages, get ready to maximize your reach!



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