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How personalised videos can improve your marketing

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Written by: Amy Shaw

The use of personalised video in sales has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Brands have found that sending personalised video messages to individuals can be key in selling high-priced products. The basis is to connect with fans in order to build a connection between them and your brand. Through this connection, you can encourage increased engagement across your platforms and experience increased levels of support. Although video is commonplace within the music industry, artists are only just beginning to make use of the personalised video trend. With so many major brands catching on and utilizing this trend, how can artists also feel the benefits?

Use in other industries

Personalised video messages are now common practice in many industries, one of the best examples is the use of video in car sales. After a customer shows interest in purchasing a vehicle, the seller will send them a video highlighting the key features of the car, reminding the customer exactly why they were drawn to that particular model. This method has been proven to be highly effective and builds a stronger relationship between the seller and the consumer. With the use of personalised video messages proving to work so well in other industries, it is highly beneficial for artists to follow the trend and experience the benefits.

Steve Angello

The use of personalised videos is vital during key marketing campaigns, including new releases and album campaigns. Steve Angello released his ‘HUMAN’ album, and shortly after he encouraged fans to ask him questions by direct message. He then chose his favourite questions, and provided video answers on his Instagram story, giving an in-depth insight into the album. This activity proved highly beneficial in building a better relationship with his fan base and increased conversation around his album across social media. The key aspect that made this work so well is the fact that fans stood to gain in return for their support of his album. One of the best ways to conduct an effective marketing campaign is to give back to fans, the ultimate method to encourage more engagement. This is also the reason that engagement with fans is always so important. Offering personalised videos in return for engagement and conversation is a great marketing method. After submitting a question, fans would have been consistently checking Steve Angello’s Instagram story just to see if their question was featured, increasing story views exponentially.

Don Diablo

Another artist who recently used personalised videos to further his album marketing campaign is Dutch artist Don Diablo. After his album ‘FUTURE’ was released, he recorded videos for key fan accounts that provided the most promotion on social media. These videos were filmed inside a real space station and included a heartfelt message of gratitude for support provided. By sending a video to each of his most influential fans, he caused his fan base to feel more of an incentive to post even more supportive messages. This had a positive effect, resulting in even more positive conversation around his album as a whole.

This is another prime example of the way that rewarding fans can have a positive impact on engagement level.

Don Diablo Fans


Thanks for this video @DonDiablo and the team!! 💙💙💙 #Future #DonDiablo #Hexagonians #HexagonianForLife

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8:30 AM - Feb 12, 2018

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Opportunities for campaigns

By looking at the two examples above, it is possible to put together your own personalised video campaign. It isn’t necessary to wait until the release of an album to orchestrate your campaign, you may want to celebrate the release of a track or the beginning of a tour, or simply boost fan engagement at any given time. If you have loyal supporters, it is highly beneficial to send them personalised videos to show your appreciation. This will encourage others to show the same level of support, and willingly commit to your brand. Setting up your own Q&A with personalised video responses is also a great way to allow fans to really get to know you and better connect with your brand. Allowing your fans to feel close to you builds the foundation for continuous support over an extended period of time.

There are also other methods you could use to utilise the personalised video trend. You may want to send ‘thank you’ videos to those who are the first to purchase tickets to one of your solo shows, encouraging fans to increase the speed of ticket sales. You may want to run a competition asking fans to answer a particular question and give video shoutouts to your five favourite messages. The campaign opportunities involved with video shoutouts are endless, brainstorm your ideas, think about your desired result, and soon you will have plenty of inspiration for planning personalised video campaigns. Don’t forget to analyse your key demographic to ensure that your content is truly geared at those who will be most likely to engage.

Connecting with your following through personal videos is a great method for establishing a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with your fans. It is a positive method benefitting both you and the fans themselves and will give you a more human appeal as a whole. In marketing, it is always important to strive to put together campaigns that are ahead of the trends. While video messages are already a trend in other industries, musicians have yet to fully take advantage. Orchestrating a video message campaign will put you ahead of the competition, and encourage even more engagement. Ultimately, as an artist, you cannot truly benefit without offering something to your fans in return, and this is the ideal way to do that.



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