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How to gain more followers on Twitter

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Written by: Amy Shaw

Perhaps the fastest evolving marketing tool, Social Media has become an integral part of global marketing campaigns and only becomes increasingly valuable with each passing year. Having a social media presence is vital for artists, providing a bridge to connect with a global audience of current and potential fans. While all of the major platforms are vital tools, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial, enabling artists to reach their worldwide audience in a matter of seconds. Of course, every marketing tool can only be utilized with a watertight strategy, so we have taken a closer look at the steps you can take to ensure you’re making the most of your Twitter presence.

Providing consistent content

The most common error when using Twitter for business is not providing enough content and taking extended breaks from the platform. The truth is, the amount of effort you put in is proportional to the results, so the more you post, the quicker your following will grow. It is vital to consistently be present in order to stay relevant on Twitter, and without regular content, you certainly face the risk of fading into the background while other artists take center stage. The attention span of an individual when using Twitter is extremely short, so if you don’t keep a hold of your audience they will quickly lose interest, therefore it is vital to retain a consistent output in order to nurture and expand your current audience.



Coming this Friday….@BoomboxCartel

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4:48 PM - Jun 21, 2018

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Connecting with your following

The key to success on any social media platform is your audience, and on Twitter, this is perhaps even truer. In order to reach your full potential on the platform, you rely on ‘Retweets’ and ‘Likes’ from fans, and their support generates more reach for your brand. In order to provoke the best response from your audience, you must connect with them personally and make sure that they feel valued. The more you respond to your fans, whether you ‘Tweet’ them, ‘Retweet’ them or simply ‘Like’ their Tweet, the more they will want to interact with you. Even communicating with one or two individuals can provoke a huge influx of interest, with other fans eager to also gain a response. The more valued your fans feel, the more they will want to connect. The network that you build with your fanbase is the foundation for your growth, and once you have secured a dedicated network of supporters, your following will quickly begin to grow at an exponential rate.

Rewarding your audience

In order to cultivate your organic audience, you must consistently remember to give back. A common mistake when using social media is to view the platform as a one-way street, and bombard your fans with information expecting instant results with little planning. To entice potential followers to connect with your Twitter you must offer them something in return, which could include exclusive access to new music or news. The key to growing and maintaining your following is persuading them that without following your account they are missing out. It is important to keep each of your social media presences unique, making sure that your fans connect with each platform in order to not miss out on fresh content.



thank you to @steveangello and his management for allowing me to have a truly memorable day. it was a pleasure to meet you all, bunch of lovely people. thank you again for giving me the opportunity to film the performance with my "canon". till next time!

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10:04 AM - May 28, 2018 · Rochester, South East

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Through following these steps, you will quickly be able to expand your Twitter audience and make your content more relevant than ever before. Consistent, unique content and connecting with your audience are the golden rules, and maintaining this strategy will enable your Twitter account to truly flourish. To kickstart the process, don’t forget to plan ahead in order to obtain the best results, and to make sure that your content is unveiled at the peak time to garner the biggest response. The more your Twitter audience grows, the more you will realize the value of this growth, and how essential it is to dedicate time and energy help it grow further. There are millions of potential fans out there just waiting to make that connection, and Twitter is the best tool to reach them.



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