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How to make optimal use of your Fangage portal

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Written by: Lennert van Everdingen

If you’re an artist who’s struggling with generating engagement and creating a real connection with your fanbase, Fangage might just be the perfect solution for you. By collecting data Fangage offers you all the opportunities to get a clear image of the demography of your fanbase which allows you to make your fans feel more involved with you and your brand. The way Fangage works is quite simple: fans provide you with data, you provide them with exclusive content. The more data they share, the more content they unlock. But what sort of exclusive content could you offer your fans and how do you make it alluring for fans to share their data with you?

First of all, you want to make sure that the content on your Fangage portal is truly exclusive. Fans share their data with you expecting something in return, and you don’t want your fans to feel like you are solely using them for their information. That’s why it would be smart to avoid only sharing things like Spotify playlists or already released tracks, because they are accessible to everyone. You want your fans to feel special and closer to you than the average person who listens to your music.

One way to give back to your fans is by offering them a look into your life through video content. Video content is very useful because it’s so much easier to make people feel included if you’re addressing them in a video instead of addressing them through text. You could take them behind the scenes at one of your liveshows or studio sessions, give them insights in your production process through a tutorial video, or share a livestream of your latest live set. Take a look at Laidback Luke’s Fangage portal for example. Laidback Luke frequently shares all sorts of video content with his fans, varying from tutorials on music production to masterclasses on how to get your tracks signed to labels. His content is very varied and actually useful, which makes it more appealing for his fans and even casual listeners to share their information with him. Video content really is one of the most personal ways to create a connection with your fanbase, so make sure to offer this as an option in your Fangage portal. As you can see, it’s very easy to share video content on your Fangage portal. The first thing you notice when you open a portal are several tabs linking to the different content you can share with your fans. The only thing you have to do is create content, put it in one of the tabs, and it will be readily available for your fans to unlock.

What’s even more personal than addressing your fans via video content, is giving them the chance to see you in real life. Live shows are an integral part in creating a connection with your fans: they get to experience what you are like in person without the hindrance of seeing you through a screen. If you are able to, you might consider giving them opportunities to see you live in return for their data. You could offer a discount on tickets to your shows, or even give them away for free, enroll them on the guestlist of your show, or give them the chance to meet you after a live show. Sam Feldt for example, hosts several contests on his Fangage platform where you can win a chance to meet him in places all over the world. Dining with Sam in Ann Arbor, spending a day with him and his crew in Chicago, or even going to a casino with him in Las Vegas. This is an example of how to make it very exciting for fans to share data with you, while at the same time creating a real connection.

Another way to make your fans feel included with your brand is by creating unique merchandise, only available through your Fangage portal. Merchandise is a very useful method for you to get exposure, and it’s a great way for your fans to show their support of you to others. It could be a great idea to offer your fans special offers regarding your merchandise. You could give them discount coupons, or even give your merch away for free. You can think of creating special pieces of clothing, make unique backgrounds for phones or desktops, or even produce customized phone cases like Sam Feldt offers his fans.

Of course, your music shouldn’t be forgotten. Your music is probably one of the main reasons your fans are even fans after all. Luckily, music offers a lot of opportunities regarding exclusive content. Most artists who use Fangage primarily share unique musical content with their fans. This might consist of remixes of their own tracks, radio shows, mixtapes, and tracks specifically made for fans who signed up to the artist’s Fangage platform. Sam Feldt has his own exclusive radio show called Heartfeldt and many other mixtapes, Laidback Luke shares exclusive remixes of popular tracks and remixes of his own tracks, and Blasterjaxx gives his fans the opportunity to listen to exclusive tracks. You could even give your fans an exclusive preview of the new track you’re about to release. In other words, offering your fans music in return for their data is one of the essential ways you could utilize your Fangage platform.

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There are many other ways to stimulate engagement and create a connection between your fans and yourself. You could organize a remix contest where you invite people to remix one of your tracks and share the winners on your Fangage platform afterwards, you could create a fan mail service where your fans are able to reach you personally… the possibilities are endless. In the end it’s all about making your fans feel included and engaged with you and your brand. Make sure to have enough exclusive content to give back to your fans, and you’ll create a more dedicated fanbase in return. Just don’t forget to consistently share the fact that you own a Fangage portal on other social media channels you own. Are you curious about Fangage’ services, or do you have a great idea on how to create custom content for your fans yourself? Head to and start creating superfans!



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