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How to write the perfect Spotify bio

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

As the industry’s leading music streaming service, Spotify has become one of the most important aspects of a musician’s career. Over time, Spotify has been granting artists more and more control over their artist profiles, and in September 2017 Spotify introduced the option for artists to edit their own bio. Presenting yourself well with an effective bio is important for all artists, regardless of career level, but it is even more important for those who are on the rise and haven’t yet reached their full potential. As a well-written Spotify bio is such a vital aspect of an artist’s presence on the platform, we’ve taken a closer look at how to write a resonating Spotify bio.

Factual information

Firstly, it is important that your bio contains factual information about who you are, and any previous releases. You must make sure that you cater your bio to those who are visiting your profile for the first time, and have no prior knowledge of your music. If you’ve celebrated achievements or reached impressive milestones with your music, readers will want to hear about it. Through including facts about yourself you can really sell your persona, and show readers that you have unlimited potential. Try to include some information about you that will be interesting to readers, perhaps something that you have never shared before about yourself. Facts like this will allow readers to quickly make a lasting connection with you and your brand. That being said, be careful not to make your bio too heavily factual, you don’t want it to read like a Wikipedia page filled with facts and figures. In order to keep your readers interested, you must ensure to include facts, but not so many that reading your bio is no longer enjoyable.

Never oversell

Be careful not to oversell, it can cause profile visitors to mentally switch off and disconnect from you and your brand. When readers feel that you are trying to sell to them, they will feel as if they are reading an advertisement, which will instantly lose their attention, and they may even exit your profile and never come back. While it’s a great idea to tell readers about your new track, be careful not oversell it with self-compliments. A great way to entice people to listen to your new release without overselling it is to include which artists have supported the release, giving new potential fans the inclination to check out the track while avoiding appearing big headed. Most importantly, don’t allow your bio to sound like an aggressive sales pitch, keep it neutral and friendly at all times.

Quality over quantity

When writing your artist bio, always focus on quality rather than quantity. Nobody wants to spend 30 minutes reading an essay-length bio about an artist. A well-written bio will condense everything you want to share with your readers into a couple of paragraphs. Condensing your bio like this may take a lot of extra planning and time, but will certainly be worth it when you see an increase in streams and followers. People visit Spotify to listen to music, and like other online platforms, the attention span of the reader is very small. Make sure to make an impression straight away and keep your bio short but sweet.

Stand out from the crowd

Remember to stand out; don’t allow your bio to lack interest. Quirky facts about you and your music will go a long way in keeping the interest of readers. Try to make a lasting impression, give readers an insight into how you started out, or tell them an interesting anecdote. Personal facts will instantly make your bio appear more friendly to the reader, and will make you appear more personable. A unique fact about yourself may be the reason that visitors remember you and return to your profile again at a later date. However, always make sure that your bio does remain professional and on track, while standing out is great, make sure you are standing out for the right reasons.

Correct grammar

Lastly, the most important aspect of putting together a bio is ensuring that it is grammatically correct. The last thing you need as an artist is to put off readers with typos and grammatical errors, taking legitimacy away from your profile. Errors of any kind will instantly give potential fans the impression that you are unprofessional and unlikely to succeed, so it is vital to check your bio numerous times before publishing. You should also make sure to get the opinions of others – send your bio to a few people who have a great grammatical knowledge and ask for their feedback. You may also want to use grammar checking sites like Grammarly to be absolutely sure that your bio is free from errors. Once you are absolutely sure that your bio is grammatically sound, you are ready to publish it.

Your Spotify bio may be a potential fan’s first point of contact with your brand, making it absolutely vital to create a positive first impression. In order to fully utilize the feature, make sure that those reading your bio will be inclined to listen to your music and follow your page. Making an instant connection with those visiting your page is vitally important, as this will ultimately lead to a growth in your worldwide following. By following the above steps, you will be able to create a bio that truly speaks for your brand, showcasing you in a positive light and connecting with potential fans around the globe.



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