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Merchandise: A brand with music at its core

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Written by: Melvin van der Waal

Streams and shows are two ways to make some money as an artist, but have you ever thought about merchandise? Your logo on a t-shirt! Your own beanie! Stickers, buttons, tote bags, socks… It may sound amazing, but why would someone want to wear your brand?

Join Moon Jelly now to learn how to rock your merch-game, how to get noticed by the right people and how to build a professional career in music. We can be your marketing strategist, starting at €9,99 a month.

Welcome to the world of merchandise. We teach you, we guide you and we inspire you with success stories.

One thing is for sure: your brand identity has to be solid as a rock before your followers will want to buy a product from you other than your music. Get your act together with the brand book template and take the time to become a brand rather than just another musician.

Once you’re a brand, read this article about self-made merchandise and the power of ‘print on demand’ before you randomly order 500 snapbacks from China…

Feel inspired yet? Do you have any idea what your merch is going to be like? Read this article on how to succeed in selling merchandise. Selling merchandise can be lucrative, but only if conducted in a strategic manner. It can be beneficial in creating brand awareness and creating a stronger relationship with your fans. Before you design your own bomber jacket, think of your fans: would they even wear a bomber jacket? Before you order hundreds of scarves, think of your fans: do they even want scarves?

Don’t invest your money until you know your audience.

That’s all practical, but let’s dream big and read how Kanye West set a global trend with merchandise. It’s amazing and inspiring to chase your dreams, you’re a musician, but maybe you can be a fashion designer too. Let the story of Pharrell Williams inspire you, or perhaps you’re more into Don Diablo’s method of merchandising?

Fact is: these guys were already big in music before they became big in fashion. But what if you bet on two horses at once? Read how Yellow Claw gained more success in music as well as fashion at the same time. This is their brand marketing success.

Now let’s dress up your squad and make it look like your personal army!



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