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The best tools for helping with social media management

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

When using social media as an artist, it can be all too easy to become wrapped up in the creation of your content rather than efficiently planning and scheduling your campaigns. With social media now requiring more attention than ever, it can be difficult to allocate the necessary time and hard work to being successful across platforms. In order to waste less time and be more efficient on social media, there are a vast number of tools that can enable you to streamline your creative process and reap the rewards of doing so. We’ve taken a look at some of the very best tools out there that will help you use social media much more effectively, saving you time in the long-run.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer

This service allows you to get a better grasp on mentions from brands and competitors as well as keywords before you publish your post. The platform is ideal for conducting analysis on your competitors and finding out exactly where they are connecting with their audience and making progress. By finding out which keywords perform well in other artists’ posts, you can replicate this for your own gain. Often it is the research and planning that is the most important aspect of developing and improving your content strategy.


Downloading and using Grammarly is undoubtedly a must for anyone looking to advance their career through social media. The service can analyse your text on any social platform before its posted, allowing you to stop yourself from making unprofessional grammar mistakes. This is particularly helpful for artists who need to publish written text in English but are not confident on their ability to do so without making errors. Easy to use and informative, Grammarly is the single best service out there for helping you with your spelling and grammar online. Grammarly is also great for fixing emails or private messages, allowing you to send flawless professional texts without being held back by errors. Although you may not think you need Grammarly as a producer, you need to make a good impression on those around you and making grammatical mistakes can harm your image and make you appear less professional.


HubSpot is an incredibly useful platform for managing social media channels simultaneously and responding to messages more effectively. The possibilities are endless and there seems to be nothing that HubSpot can’t do. From scheduling posts to monitoring your messages from fans in a more manageable fashion, HubSpot is great for increasing your productivity on social media without increasing the time you spend on it. Every artist should be using HubSpot to keep track of their interactions and analytics. Plus, scheduling posts is incredibly useful for keeping your content output at consistently the same level. There will be periods when you will be much less busy, and periods when you simply don’t have time to update your social media. Use the downtime to schedule posts for busier periods ahead of time.


Canva is an ideal tool for designing your social media posts more effectively. Without aesthetic posts dominating your profile, you will struggle to achieve the level of engagement that you really deserve. One of the best ways to utilize your social media channels effectively is to make sure that your content is as pleasing to look at as possible, this is where Canva can help. You won’t need to give up a great deal of time either, as Canva is extremely easy to use, even for those without experience in design.


If you’re an artist who struggles to find the time and resources to create your own images, Unsplash could prove to be a great help. A library of copyright free images, Unsplash offers artists the chance to upload dynamic images to accompany their content more effectively. The truth is, all social content requires a visual aspect in order to really succeed. Writing an essay about what you’re up to is not enough, fans need visual content in order to enjoy spending time catching up on your social accounts. Be careful not to mislead your fans by pretending that the images have been photographed by you, if your audience finds out you may lose face.

Social Mention

Social Mention monitors trending topics to see what kind of content you should publish in order to better connect with your audience. It tracks brand mentions to see what people are talking about and establishes what your audience is interested in. Finding out about trending topics before you post allows you to get into the forefront of social media and beat the competition by receiving more views and therefore more engagement. A great way to draw more engagement to your posts is to make a post centred around a current topic of conversation and link it to your brand.

It is important to always be aware of the advancing tools available to aid you in keeping your social media channels active. Technology develops all the time, meaning that new features are consistently emerging that allow social media to be less and less time-consuming. In order to receive a high level of engagement, it is important to be on-trend and aware of all of the options out there. Without using some of the tools available for free, you’re limiting your content and potentially losing time. Explore the options out there and discover how some of these tools can aid your strategy.



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