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The importance of coherent branding

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Amy Shaw

Your branding is one of the most integral aspects of your identity as an artist. Telling your story to the world, your individual brand should communicate exactly who you are and what you would like to share. Establishing coherent branding is vital in communicating with your audience effectively. But just how much of a difference can coherent branding make in enticing your audience and generating more revenue?

Your brand is the identity you share with the world, it tells your story and gives your audience an insight into your personality. Branding forms the foundation for your success, and has been behind the exponential growth of many of the world’s biggest artists. Having effective branding is now a compulsory aspect of business, and companies no longer stand a chance of succeeding without it. Branding covers everything from your logo to the foundation of your website design, from your social media imagery all the way to the uniforms your team wear at your live shows. Everything you do as an artist will involve imagery of some kind, and this will always need to reflect your core branding.

Building your identity

The first major reason to ensure to implement coherent branding is that it creates a solid identity for you as an artist. Your branding will be at the core of everything you do, and will be reflected throughout your career. Having a solid identity that is always reinforced throughout your marketing will ensure that there is absolutely no confusion among your fanbase. Limiting confusion gives your messaging more weight, and ensures that your campaigns are likely to achieve further success. Ultimately, presenting a clear identity to the world makes you even more likely to establish a successful and long-lasting career as an artist.

Founding your reputation

As well as building your identity, your brand also builds your reputation. Through branding, you can represent yourself in any way you like, and can highlight the most positive aspects of your real personality. This acts as a foundation for your persona, and shares your core values with the world. Without keeping your message coherent across all platforms, your reputation will not be as strong as it should be. Give yourself the best chance of building a positive reputation by establishing solid branding to build the foundation.


When you advertise or share a campaign, you want your audience to instantly recognise it as yours. After building an effective and resonating identity, it should be recognisable to your audience in seconds. With solid branding, your audience should be able to recognise an advert simply through spotting your font or logo. The more recognisable your branding is, the less you should have to explain yourself with your campaigns, and the less text-heavy they will need to be. With stronger branding, even images should be able to tell your story.

Linking up your content

In order to really orchestrate successful campaigns your branding must be coherent across all of your platforms. Linking everything together will give each of your individual campaigns a much higher chance of succeeding. Without linking your content together through branding, your audience will be left confused and your campaigns will appear disjointed and messy, which will damage your reputation. Keeping all of your campaigns consistent across all of your channels ensures that they will have maximum impact and likely encourage even further engagement.

As a whole, maintaining coherent branding across your platforms can only have positive results for your engagement levels. Retaining consistency ensures that each of your campaigns will achieve maximum impact, and will tie together seamlessly. Make sure not to allow your audience to experience any confusion from mixed messages stemming from inconsistent branding. With a solid message and coherent branding across all of your campaigns, your persona will really experience the benefits.



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