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Why your social media posts aren’t going viral

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Written by: Matt Lillywhite

Many producers, record labels, and PR companies within the music industry often hope to make every single piece of content they create go “viral”. After all, it allows them to satisfy their ego knowing that what they made did well in the eyes of the consumer. But more often than not, tracks do not go viral – despite the fact that many marketing attempts and dollars are thrown behind it. Despite all of this, they remain surprised that people did not like their music as much as they were hoping. Often, they are disappointed. During this article, we’re going to discuss why many campaigns do not go viral, and how you can go about overcoming these potential obstacles you’re facing within your music career.

First of all, a lot of people within the music industry tend to provide way more info than is actually needed in order for something to go viral. For example, they may overly describe a piece of content, provide too much context within the caption, or even make the call to action (CTA) extremely complicated for the consumer. There have been countless examples of producers posting a so-called “meme” of their music onto their fan page with the caption “let’s make this go viral”. More than anything, that type of social media post just exemplifies a feeling of desperation from the producer. It makes it obvious that they want their content to go viral for the simple sake of going viral.

A couple of months ago, there was a meme about doing surgery on a grape. With several million people interacting with it over the course of several days, it’s certainly fair to say that it went viral. The sheer simplicity of it (as explained in the video) shows that it’s often a combination of simplicity and consumer likability for a certain piece of content to go viral.

The most common reason as to why a piece of content within the EDM industry doesn’t go viral is because it’s simply not good enough. As harsh as it is to say, we all know that many producers are producing sub-par content which will most likely perform pretty horrifically in terms of social media stats. Despite all the creative juices & energy throughout the music industry, producers often have a hard time understanding that a viral video is something that the mass consumer markets accept as a great piece of content. The most common videos which perform well are simply real-life events that happen such as funny video. It is that exact authenticity & humour which producers must attempt to tap into if they wish to pull off a successful viral campaign.

The next item which many producers fail to understand is the importance of paid media. Unless you run a meme page with millions of followers, the chances of going viral from organic reach are practically nil. Therefore, introducing some paid media support to reach more people is absolutely essential to success. To maximize your chances, running Facebook ads against people who have an interest in both Memes & EDM will allow very high engagement – but obviously only if the content is actually good enough. Whether you like Facebook ads or not, only an idiot would deny the fact that something can’t go viral unless the right audience is discovering it. Simple. In addition, running Instagram engagement ads, and submitting the content to relevant meme pages will improve the chances of it going viral in multiple territories around the world.

Many producers want to go viral but are unable to – often because they don’t have the knowledge on how to make it happen. By reverse engineering these tactics, it will become much easier to allow your content to be seen by a lot more people.



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